Form follows content!

We are JG
BFG. The Office for Design and Communication.

I founded JG
BFG (Jochen Gabriel Büro für Gestaltung) in 2002 and since then has worked on a wide range of projects in the fields of corporate identity and design, digital media and photography & moving image.
For JG
BFG Design always has a function and pursues a goal. Design makes content visible, understandable and usable.
Our Services
The approach is always content and conceptual. Thus JG
BFG develops concepts with an independent character that reflect the unique selling proposition of its clients. The implementation of strategic concepts is carried out with a high standard of content, technical and design quality.
BFG's goal is to provide its clients with communication tools with which they can identify and feel comfortable.

E-Mail: post@jgbfg.com

Telefon: +49 – 08370 – 209 207 1

Mobil: +49 – 0171 – 1234 223